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STIKRD.com is a renowned bike decal company serving customers throughout the world. We make, amongst other things, easy-to-apply decals made from the highest-quality materials. We carefully monitor our printing equipment, ensuring each batch we produce is of premium quality. For more information, read below

How We Ensure Quality From Our Materials

Our decals are constructed with the best-sourced materials available. We not only buy from the most reputable vendors and wholesalers, but we extensively test each material on our own bikes, as well as the bikes of sponsored pros and fellow mountain biking enthusiasts. We look for several factors in a material, including but not limited to:

Thickness v. thinness:

We have found that most people don’t like very thin or very thick decals. Ours fall somewhere in between 3.5 to 7 MIL (thousandths of an inch.) Anything less becomes too easy to crease or tear and increases the difficulty of application. Anything thicker has a hard time conforming to curves and collects dirt around the edges.


Obviously, the more durable, the better. Not all materials we source are the same in durability. Still, between the laminations we use and the chosen materials, we feel our combination of offerings is the most durable available on the market today.


This is paramount in defining a decal and one we take very seriously! Obviously, you want a decal to stick well. You also want to remove it without leaving an ocean of leftover goop. We believe STIKRD.com bridges that gap very well.


When it comes to complex curves (objects curving in more than one direction at a time), a decal’s conformability comes into play. For the most part, our standard and metallic decals are very conformable. Our chromes and some specialty materials have a little less, but that is due to the material not being 100% vinyl. Some have polyester and actual metal in them.


We have chosen materials and inks for their steadfast light properties and UV resistance. Our laminates also provide a modicum of UV resistance, along with the abrasion resistance they offer. We also extensively test our printers for color accuracy and matching to the best of our abilities. We request samples from the brands themselves to compare and correct our colors as much as possible. If we cannot get something from the brand, we travel to shops to pull the color as best as is possible.

Material and Laminate Types

We have two materials, along with three laminates, that we offer free of upcharge to our customers:


  • Standard White Decal Vinyl
  • Standard Metallic Decal Vinyl


  • Standard Matte
  • Standard Satin
  • Standard Gloss


  • Pre-colored/metallic/chrome/sparkle/colorshift/reflective base materials
  • Sparkle/prismatic/tinted laminates
  • Dual Finish Decals (gloss and matte) Can be with specialty materials and laminates as well.

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At STIKRD.com, we deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service. We love biking as much as you do, and we also love tricking out our bikes with decals. So we are passionate about what we do, and it translates to the quality of our offerings. Get in touch with us today to get started on a decal project.

High-Quality Decals From STIKRD.com