Innovative Thinking Since 2014

Prior to 2014, Richard Vye, the current owner, spent hours searching for matching parts. Stems, seats, bars, nuts, bolts… the list was endless. Sometimes he would hit a wall trying to complete the bike’s look. Oftentimes, a particular part was discontinued, always sold out, or simply too expensive. ‘There has to be a better way to make this bike look the way I want,’ he thought. So, he started buying, pulling, and collecting decals from brands, friends, and shops and digitizing them. He would then have them printed at local sign shops. Quality and color varied greatly, which quickly led Richard to understand, he would have to produce the decals himself.

Our Humble Beginnings

Well, word got around in the industry, and in April of 2014, he was asked to produce some decals for XFUSION‘s Sea Otter promotion. He produced popular fork and shock models in five-year-specific colorways. XFUSION put them out for people to grab at their booth, and they were gone on day one. Post-Otter, XFUSION’s phones were ringing off the hook with queries of “where can I get my decals colored to match my existing bike? Richard had an idea to create a site where anyone could create a decal in the colors desired and receive it just a short time later. He worked with four different web developers before he was able to create a tool to show companies. And was born!

We’ve Grown So We Can Better Serve You

Fast forward to Interbike International Bicycle Expo, September 2014. We brought the beta version of the site loaded with the XFUSION library. We showed brands and consumers alike how click-to-color at the touch of a button; allowed anyone to customize their own decals. It was a smashing success. We received approximately 85% acceptance and approval. We have continued to grow our offering and relationships with brands the world over. As our relationships with the brands grew, we needed to produce more complex designs, better colors, cooler color combos, and finishes. We may have started in our garage, but we’re now in an over 3500 sqft compound complete with a wrap bay, jam room, and a small retail space coming in 2022. We have tactically acquired several printers, laminators, and plotters to help us achieve what we believe is the best custom decal program, bar none.

About Our Committed and Talented Staff

Since 2014, we have had multiple stakeholders. We currently have a total of three owners, Richard, Jason, and Ross. has seen its fair share of employees come and go. That said, we have culled and settled on a great core team with Richard, Jason, and Ross at the helm, Devan as our Lead Designer, and Gleb, the design associate, who also handles shipping and production. Dino helps prep larger orders when they roll in. Jim Philp, AKA the Shredist, is an awesome YouTuber, and master File Prep for our larger corporate jobs. He works remotely out of Coeur d’Alene, ID. We not only source the best in materials but the best in talent as well. Our newly-growing team of designers has over 30 years combined in the design, print, and bike industries. We are always looking for talented designers, do you have what it takes?

We Work Hand-In-Hand With the Top Suppliers

Oh yeah, one more thing: We’re in the bike industry! We work with the brands and within the community. We give to our local trail building advocates, sit on several non-prot boards and pay royalties to our brands; some others in this space steal intellectual property. We are NOT about that life! We also produce OEM decals for many of the brands that you interact with on your bikes. These are just a few reasons why working with is your best bet.

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